Trash container maintenance

Trash cans are a long term investment for your business and home. One of the basic jobs of trash cans is to prevent invasion by insects and to reduce odor. Them they must be clean periodically or after each pickup. Here are some useful tips for your trash can maintenance: After emptying the trash cans, rinse out the trash cans with water outside with a garden hoseor indoor in a sink or bathtub.Different cleaning solutions, odor-absorbent powder, and fragrant bags can help remove traces of odor. After that, rinse out the trash can thoroughly and tip upside down to drip dry. And before putting new trash into the trash can, make sure you put another batch of extra garbage bags in the bottom.

Keep them in safe place where they are at risk of being struck by a car or mobile equipment. Even if containers are not damaged in a collision, scooping up spilled trash is still frustrating.